"I’ll support you in co-creating your own life, so it’s rather an active journey unfolding your capacities. You’ll learn to use your awareness and love for beauty, as well as respect for your personal power in view of the limited time of our lives."

Where are you coming from?
Where are you heading?
Who are you?
What's the meaning of your existence?

I am offering orientation, self discovery and self reflection, support in conflict, decision-making or separation, as well as new perspectives for single clients, couples or teams.



Every individual and every human system has his own developmental process. We are trying to discover and unfold it through awareness and interest for its manifold twists and turns and I’ll support and challenge you to follow it into the Unknown.


Artistic media and art as a paradigm support creative solutions, rediscovery of forgotten resources and new perspectives for professionals or professional teams.


People in leading positions tend to be very lonely and often lose balance between their dedication to work and private life. I offer opportunity for reflection and re- decisions how to find holistic solutions and add spirituality and adventure to everyday life.


People / team members or conference participants stand in space according to their perception of any given criteria – so everybody can get a feel and new insight for the field in which they are in the moment.



Compassionate provocation – leads to the discovery and use of new skills and other resources. I support individuals and couples or families in life- or relationship-crises, reconciliation or decisions for transformation.


System Constellations help to understand and utilize better system dynamics in a family or in a professional system; they help to clarify goals, to find decisions and transform hindrances into allies.


I am offering opportunity & tools for reflection of your professional attitudes, tasks & orientation; so you can better decide what you need and how you reduce stress and raise job-satisfaction. It would be great to love what you do.


In English context, most people think of individual or team coaching. Supervision offers reflection and support for professional processes, communication culture, personal and institutional goals and values, that could lead to a more effective and fulfilling work life


Is about how to improve your performance in sports or professional life. Another form of coaching, it helps you to align your goals and the path to get there.


I support you finding win-win-solutions in conflicts in work or family. Could both sides win?


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A teaching story I found in a book by Anthony de Mello beautifully explains my main attitude to life:

In the old age, many centuries ago, a king or sultan sentenced a man to death. The man asked the king to rescind the sentence, adding, ”If the king is merciful and spares my life, I will teach his horse to fly, within a year.” ”So be it” said the king, ”but if the horse does not learn to fly in that time, you will lose your life.” When his family, full of worry, asked the man, ”Are you mad?! How will you keep your promise?” he said: In the course of a year the king can die. Or the horse can die. Or it can learn to fly. Who knows?”

Anthony de Mello